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My name is Kelly Lewis. I have an Associate's Degree in Therapeutic Massage, am Nationally Certified through NCTMB since 2005(now NCBTMB), and have licenses to practice in Kansas and Missouri.

I graduated from Heritage College in 2005 after 14 months and 1200 hours of schooling. I've since had further education in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Prenatal Massage. I'm also currently a massage doula intern. I worked at Allure Sense Datum Massage for almost 5 years. But have broken off on my own and have opened Mental Escape full-time as of March 20th, 2012. I'm currently located in a small office building, in a suite with a few other therapists and I do chair massage at Tabletop/Cardboard Corner Cafe once a week.

I'm not a fan of cookie cutter massage practices. I love variety so I have a wide selection of music to listen to during your session or just bring in your favorite music. This massage should be your massage and you should be able to escape from the monotony and stress of regular life for a short time.

I attended Sumner Academy in Kansas City, KS for my high school career and for those that are unaware that means hours of homework every night, 35lb book bags up and down 3 flights of stairs, 5 days a week, constant fretting over test scores or projects. Hence I learned a little bit about pack pain and stress and decided I didn't want anyone to suffer when they didn't have to. I found my solution in massage and helping people.

My hobbies mostly include reading, cooking or sewing. My family doesn't quite understand my love of massage, but that's what happens when you don't pick a "regular" career interest, or a "real health degree," though in my experience massage is just as real and effective as most medicines when it comes to anything caused by stress.

I love anime and movies and distant cultures, hence why you'll find me massaging at anime and comic book conventions a few times a year.

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